Terms of Use

It’s easy to participate with only a couple of guidelines which we all agree upon to ensure an overall healthy and happy online community. By logging in or posting here you are stating that you agree:

The health and safety of our dogs is an absolute.

Our dogs are here to have fun and spend time with us.  They did not sign up to be tortured when they came in to our homes!  So let’s be kind, careful, and not use ANY training method which inflicts pain or is not focused on the physical well-being of our canine companions.

Nobody is THE Agility Guru.  Not me, Not you, Not someone with a big ribbon, trophy, or plaque.

Mutual respect is essential to maintain a calm and stable environment.  It’s OK to be a passionate advocate for your point of view, it’s not an unusual thing to be really committed to a concept or principle for those of us who participate in this great sport.  Here’s all I ask:

If you feel your blood pressure rising as you are writing a response to something you have read here, please take the time to e-mail it to yourself and read it tomorrow before submitting your thoughts to the community.

What is the truth?  What’s true or a fact to you is based on your personal experience.  Others may not have shared your experiences and you have not shared theirs – so please respect differing viewpoints and let the readers decide for themselves what is best in their own situation.

If you haven’t surmised this yet – here’s the essence of what we’re asking: Don’t bash others with which you do not agree.  Thank you!