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This site is under development.  The purpose is to develop a dog agility training community where new students and experienced handlers can come together with trainers and coaches to exchange information and techniques.

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How does this work?

A good friend of mine suggested that turning IN to a dog causes them to wrap behind the handler. As demonstrated here, it WORKS!

The Carter Maneuver

Can anyone explain why or how it works? Does anyone use this as a part of their “handling tool box” at a sanctioned trial?

Why train Distance?

I occasionally hear people say “I’m never going to run a Gambler’s course, so I don’t need to learn distance.” It always surprises me that they think distance is just for the games. There are SO MANY reasons to be able to work at a distance on regular courses. No matter which venue you choose to play in, there are places on course where distance gives you a huge advantage over other teams. The ability to get into position by sending your dog to an obstacle or sequence and moving away to prepare for the next sequence is crucial on technical courses. Slower handlers (like me) have no hope of outrunning our dogs, so we either use distance or slow them down.